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Patchwork Family App

Scope: Mobile

The Patchwork Family App facilitates everyday family life coordinating the care of children among family members, whether they stay together or separately. An organized calendar view not only enables planning of care periods and current residence of children but also helps managing who picks up or drops what child when and where. For every child you can add appointments, documents, notes or contacts which can be shared with others. A comprehensive chat feature allows for quick arrangement of daily routines and promotes communication among guardians.

The app is free and currently available in the Apple AppStore – the Android app is in the planning stage.
(Screendesign by Studio Bruch)


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Project Phases


During the entire project flow we provided content-related and technological support. As we were part of the project from a very early stage we could control both the set up and entire planning process.


The app's structure and functional requirements are the result of intense client collaboration. The development of the features was documented in a detailed comprehensive design as well as through a prototype.


While the implementation was the responsibility of a technical service provider we offered content-related and coordinating guidance.