Energie Steiermark
Feeder Portal

Scope: Interface / Integration, Web

Photovoltaic systems for producing green electricity become increasingly popular. Accordingly, network providers receive more and more enquiries. In order to be able to apply for funding clients require specific information and the metering point beforehand.

To support internal consultants we developed the feeder portal in cooperation with the GIS department. Interested parties and planning offices can register here and process their enquiries online. Based on this data the metering point is established automatically and will be forwarded to the customer in writing. Simultaneously the portal integrates into existing internal systems and thus allows for an uninterrupted process from initial enquiry to the final network confirmation.


>10kmetering points
6success steps

Project Phases


We offered support for the migration of the existing database to the SQL server. For ensuring a seamless integration of online enquiries into the overall process new statuses were introduced.


The data capturing should be as easy as possible for the client without forfeiting any relevant information while the process flow should be as automated as possible.


The portal was realised as an MVC application with Microsoft technologies. To allow data capturing on an interactive map GIS was integrated. Maintenance and ongoing development is done by the customer.