Feistritzwerke STEWEAG
Materials Management

Scope: Interface / Integration, Mobile, Process optimisation

How can field services operate without any logistics? Rather bad. What logically followed was to include a focus on processes in this area. This should be carried out for employees as simple and as convenient as possible.

From order picking in the main warehouse to issuing stock and distribution to construction sites to accepting returned residual material all processes were standardised and simplified. A handheld with barcode scanner allows pure digital execution and all data is seamlessly transmitted into the feeder system. Even the drivers of the delivering trucks are fully integrated via Client what allows for real-time tracking of all shipments.

This integrated solution does not only improve efficiency and transparency but also perfectly equips the utility company for future tasks, such as the SmartMeter roll out.

52storage locations

Project Phases


In cooperation with the client's specialist department all logistics processes were analysed. Especially materials supply processes of field services were simplified and standardised.


The processes of order picking, material issuing, distribution and acceptance of returns were depicted via handheld. The focus was on simple operation and optimum employee support.


The developed solution seamlessly integrates into the existing infrastructure (WFM, ERP). Due to the high barcode usage, manual input and thus potential input errors were reduced.