Feistritzwerke STEWEAG
Workforce Management

Scope: Desktop, Interface / Integration, Mobile, Process optimisation

Can I keep my client appointment? What construction site do I need to visit today? What are my employees doing? Do I still have available resources?

Those kinds of questions are redundant if you opt for a field services management system. In 2007 the development of such a system started which has been running successfully since its initial deployment. All field service jobs are collected in one pool and distributed to available technicians by the dispatcher. Through synchronisation technicians receive all relevant information directly on their terminal. Recording of working time, meter readings, material use and other technical data takes place electronically what allows both a seamless further processing of completed jobs in the feeder system and immediate invoicing.


Project Phases


The starting point was the identification and modelling of field service processes which then were widely standardised and optimised enabling a gradual implementation of all business areas into the system.


We developed a concept that supports the processes perfectly and integrates well into the IT landscape. A modular design was important to facilitate both easy adjustments and enhancements.


Apart from modules for order entry and disposition offline capable mobile clients for notebooks, tablets and handhelds are available. However, if data connections are available they support real-time status feedback.