Marko Zink
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“Marko Zink develops in his photographs an alphabet of mystery stories: the fallout, what is sifted out and does not correspond to any order, is given a name and something in the fashion of a works catalog of things ensues. These individual particles are not left to their own devices. Rather, they become vehicles for the denomination of Marko Zink ad personam and remain segregated from subject matter. In my mind, an intellectual achievement that has the potential to confront the genre of photography with new challenges lies in the dialectics of subjective-objective, wherein the subjective becomes the objective und the objective is transformed into the subjective.” — Ingo Sprigenschmid about Marko Zink, 2006

The interesting and very special concept, which we implemented, was developed by studio VIE and Marko Zink.


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The CMS was implemented via Wordpress and the backend was enhanced by several custom features.