Municipal Nursery Gleisdorf
Tree Register

Scope: Mobile, Process optimisation, Web

Gleisdorf is a green city in which the employees of the municipal nursery nurture more than 1,300 trees. This rather labour intense work is further complicated by the legal requirement of a comprehensive documentation. So it was about time to move this process from old-fashioned ring files to a modern database in accordance with ÖNORM – Austria’s national standard. Instead of pen and paper arborists now use a tablet for recording all nursing measures and health conditions electronically. An interactive map and various possibilities for data evaluation facilitate their work further.

278pages of documentation

Project Phases


The consulting encompassed terminology consolidation, development of data structures and support regarding the right hardware choice.


We developed a web application that was specifically designed for mobile usage. This comprehensive information required structured processing. The data should be captured on site as simple as possible.


The register was realised as MVC application with Microsoft technologies. Apart from OpenStreetMaps, ortho photos from GIS also served as map data.